From Father To Son




I dedicate this entire website and page to my Dad Alan who sadly passed away last week

30-10-13, worst day of my life. Without his excellent knowledge and teaching I would not be writing any of this now. He was my fishing buddy and not just a dad but also my best friend.


Dad above trying to catch a few Carp.


Dad first got me into fishing when I was three years old and I can't thank him enough for teaching me at such an early age. Those very early days were spent over Wanstead Park Ornamental ponds in Essex honing our skills. What fun we had trying to catch bags of silver bream and roach on our float rods and always hoping for the chance of a big carp to make an appearance. I learnt a lot during those days, including the most important lesson of all, watercraft. 


You can forget about having this and that rod or reel, or trying to get the best rigs and bait possible. Without watercraft, all the above will not make any difference whatsoever. Luckily for me I had an excellent teacher in those early days. I now feel very confident on any water I visit, even new venues. It’s all about being able to read the water and understanding certain signs and knowing what to look for and where. Watercraft is an angling art form which cannot be bought and is only gained by experience and in most cases takes years to learn. Even now after more than 37 years of angling knowledge I still look to pick up new skills and tricks to add to my watercraft knowledge. No matter how long you have been fishing and no matter how good your watercraft skills are. If you go by the rule that you are forever a student of watercraft and there is always more to learn, you will become a better angler.


My Dad below with his biggest ever carp, over 20LB of perfect specimen Common Carp from Waveney Valley. On the day I had 2 rods out with my bite alarms set up and boilies and didnt catch anything. Dad noticed some movement in the lilly pads and went to investigate with a float and some bread on the hook and below was the result. Just goes to show you watercraft is probably the most important part of angling.



I have been lucky enough to have a son myself and now appreciate how proud my Dad must have felt when I caught my first fish. When my son caught his first fish I was over the moon and will never forget the experience. Just like catching my own very first fish. Something we will both remember and cherish forever. Every serious angler knows the importance of passing on all his or her knowledge to their son or daughter to keep the fishing world alive with new talent. My son is now nine years old and always cannot wait for his next fishing trip. He's just as keen as I use to be when I was his age. I now get just as much enjoyment passing my skills onto my son and watching him catch fish as I get catching fish myself. I try to explain it’s not always about the catching, but also about the being there and taking in all of natures wonderful events. Kingfishers flying past us up the river. Deer feeding by the water’s edge. Owl’s hovering in the early morning mist. These are just a small selection of the things we have both been lucky enough to witness and make the whole days fishing more memorable.


My Son Leon in the pic above at 3 years old with his biggest carp at the time, all 12LB of it. Lucky he is very big and strong for his age.


As the fishing knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. This great sport of ours will always have new eager talent coming through it's doors.


Make it happen.