Wensum Trip 16-6-13

Posted on 25th June, 2013

Firstly sorry folks for not being able to update this site as much as I would have liked last year as was very busy with family stuff and martial arts.


I did go a few times at the end of last year and had a few nice carp from a local lake also my son Leon had a few nice carp up to 14LB 8oz. I will post pics very soon of these few visits.


Well the new season was upon us. Through the close season I had visited the river Wensum a few times and had noticed that normally you would see a few barbel here and there but throughout the close season we did not see a single barbel. I know that there had been a few otters down there and a few of the surrounding lakes had been hit hard by the otters with many of the lake owners putting up new otter fences to keep them away.


I had a trip planned for Saturday night 15-6-13 fishing through the night from midnight till the afternoon of the Sunday

16-6-13. On the Saturday night 15-6-13 I met Bertie aka Mathew Vincent around 9pm and we walked to our swims where on the way we proceeded to get eaten alive by mosquitos. Very annoying. We baited up a few swims and waited till midnight for the fun to begin. Bertie had the first fish of the night which was a nice chub of 3LB 4oz. Bertie then had a further 5 chub with practically one every hour throughout the night on the pellet with the biggest being 4LB 8oz. All nice fish. I had a few knocks but nothing. Eventually that changed with a stonking bite on pellet resulting with a lovely 5LB 4oz chub. I then changed tactics to maggot and had a lovely Dace and small perch.


Below is Bertie looking well happy with his 4LB 8oz chub his biggest to date, well done son.


Bertie's biggest chub to dat 4LB 8oz well done mate



Me with the 5LB 4oz


me with a nice 5LB 4oz chub my first fish of the 2013 season

All in all a good trip, Bertie get a new Chub pb and me having a decent first fish of my 2013 season.

We are already plannnig our next trip and looking forward to it. Make it happen.

Tight lines


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