Wensum Trip 6-7-12 All Night

Posted on 8th July, 2012

Well I arrived at the Wensum at 8:30pm and met up with Chris and Bertie. Chris had arrived a bit early and already caught 2 chub around the 3-4LB mark. Good start. We moved on to our selected swims, Bertie was in the next swim to me as he had not done much river fishing for a while. Chris was a bit further up. Around 10pm Chris had a nice chub of 4LB 5oz.. I had set Bertie up with a running rig and a bite alarm. He had many runs as we had a good baiting schedule in place, little and often, but he just could not hook up with a fish. The current was coming through very quickly after the rain during the day I think this was affecting the hookups. Chris decided to go home around 1am and Bertie decided to go around 2am. I had not had a single touch all night but as the night looked nice with a full moon I decided to stay till the morning. Around 4am I had a good take resulting in a very highy 4-5LB Chub in good condition. I stayed a bit longer and left around 6am to get some well deserved sleep. Hoping to get a few hours in one night this week on the Wensum. I should be getting a car next weekend and some new carp gear the week after so will hopefully be having a crack on a lake somewhere with my son Leon for some carp. Will keep you posted.



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