Wensum Trip 16-6-12

Posted on 4th July, 2012

I visited the wensum on 15-6-12 at 11pm ready for the new season. I was meant to be meeting my fishing mate Chris Roberts and going in some swims we had been baiting up in the close season. We were going to be fishing just from midnight till 9am the next morning. I managed to get in a really deep swim and was lucky as thought the swim would have been taken. I set my gear up ready for the midnight kickoff and had all my gear ready by 11:45pm. I saw a head torch in the distance. I assumed this was Chris so said "alright mate"?  I was greeted with the reply "no I am f***in* not". I knew straight away it was not Chris by the Mancunian accent. The guy had turned up just before midnight thinking he was going to drop straight in the swim without even putting any bait bucket or tackle down to let people know the swim was taken. To cut a long story short we had a bit of argy bargy with him leaving not a happy bunny. I have always said first come first served. There was no tackle in the swim when I arrived and no one there so to me the swim was free for me to fish it. My watch showed midnight and that first cast of anticipation was magical. I had a few knocks and had a really powerful take around 4am in the morning. The result was a mint condition 4LB chub. Not a bad start to the season.  I did not have any other fish after this but Chris stayed a bit later than 9am and managed to bag a few chub also up to the 4LB mark. Good start to the season.

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