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Wensum Trip 29-30-6-13

Posted on 1st July, 2013

Bertie and I paid another visiti to the Wensum this weekend all night Saturday night till Sunday morning. We met at around 7:30pm Saturday night, the weather was quite hot and muggy. We made our way to our swims and chose to fish the same swims as we were in the previous week. Still lots of mosquitoes around. Bertie had a run and after a brief scrap landed a nice 4LB 6oz Chub. See pic below.


Berties 4lb 6oz Chub 


After a few hours Bertie had another run resulting in a 4LB 11oz Chub which looked much much bigger.

This one was quite empty but had a massive frame and would definately weigh much more during winter time. See pic below.


Berties 4lb 11oz Chub new PB Well done mate!! 


So far I had a few knocks and had tried a few different swims. The bite seemed to be very fast which were impossible to hit also very finnicky and not taking it properly. Bertie then had a third chub weighing bang on 4LB.  It got to around 1:30 am and I had a lovely take, after a bit of a tussle under a tree I put the net under a nice 3LB 15oz chub. 


My 3lb 15oz Chub


Bertie had to leave around 3 am. I stayed and moved swims had a few knocks but still not full takes. I moved again to a deeper stretch and had a lovely 4LB 12oz chub which looked almost two tone.


My 4lb 12oz Chub


I then changed to maggot and had 3 smaller chub, a perch and a nice roach.


My Roach


I stayed till around 9am then went home completely knackered. Looking forward to our next trip already.


Tight lines Simon

Wensum Trip 16-6-13

Posted on 25th June, 2013

Firstly sorry folks for not being able to update this site as much as I would have liked last year as was very busy with family stuff and martial arts.


I did go a few times at the end of last year and had a few nice carp from a local lake also my son Leon had a few nice carp up to 14LB 8oz. I will post pics very soon of these few visits.


Well the new season was upon us. Through the close season I had visited the river Wensum a few times and had noticed that normally you would see a few barbel here and there but throughout the close season we did not see a single barbel. I know that there had been a few otters down there and a few of the surrounding lakes had been hit hard by the otters with many of the lake owners putting up new otter fences to keep them away.


I had a trip planned for Saturday night 15-6-13 fishing through the night from midnight till the afternoon of the Sunday

16-6-13. On the Saturday night 15-6-13 I met Bertie aka Mathew Vincent around 9pm and we walked to our swims where on the way we proceeded to get eaten alive by mosquitos. Very annoying. We baited up a few swims and waited till midnight for the fun to begin. Bertie had the first fish of the night which was a nice chub of 3LB 4oz. Bertie then had a further 5 chub with practically one every hour throughout the night on the pellet with the biggest being 4LB 8oz. All nice fish. I had a few knocks but nothing. Eventually that changed with a stonking bite on pellet resulting with a lovely 5LB 4oz chub. I then changed tactics to maggot and had a lovely Dace and small perch.


Below is Bertie looking well happy with his 4LB 8oz chub his biggest to date, well done son.


Bertie's biggest chub to dat 4LB 8oz well done mate



Me with the 5LB 4oz


me with a nice 5LB 4oz chub my first fish of the 2013 season

All in all a good trip, Bertie get a new Chub pb and me having a decent first fish of my 2013 season.

We are already plannnig our next trip and looking forward to it. Make it happen.

Tight lines


Wensum Trip 6-7-12 All Night

Posted on 8th July, 2012

Well I arrived at the Wensum at 8:30pm and met up with Chris and Bertie. Chris had arrived a bit early and already caught 2 chub around the 3-4LB mark. Good start. We moved on to our selected swims, Bertie was in the next swim to me as he had not done much river fishing for a while. Chris was a bit further up. Around 10pm Chris had a nice chub of 4LB 5oz.. I had set Bertie up with a running rig and a bite alarm. He had many runs as we had a good baiting schedule in place, little and often, but he just could not hook up with a fish. The current was coming through very quickly after the rain during the day I think this was affecting the hookups. Chris decided to go home around 1am and Bertie decided to go around 2am. I had not had a single touch all night but as the night looked nice with a full moon I decided to stay till the morning. Around 4am I had a good take resulting in a very highy 4-5LB Chub in good condition. I stayed a bit longer and left around 6am to get some well deserved sleep. Hoping to get a few hours in one night this week on the Wensum. I should be getting a car next weekend and some new carp gear the week after so will hopefully be having a crack on a lake somewhere with my son Leon for some carp. Will keep you posted.



Wensum Trip Planned 6-7-12 All Night

Posted on 6th July, 2012

Myself, Chris and my friend Mathew Vincent aka Bertie are doing an all night session tonight on the Wensum from 8:30pm till tomorrow morning.


Will keep you posted on our return 

Wensum Trip 1-7-12

Posted on 4th July, 2012

Chris and I visted the Wensum from 7:30pm - 11pm. I had a beautiful conditioned 3.5LB Chub which really did go well on my centrepin. Chris had a 5LB 1oz good condition Chub his biggest of the season so far, well done Chris. looking forward to our next session.

Wensum Trip 16-6-12

Posted on 4th July, 2012

I visited the wensum on 15-6-12 at 11pm ready for the new season. I was meant to be meeting my fishing mate Chris Roberts and going in some swims we had been baiting up in the close season. We were going to be fishing just from midnight till 9am the next morning. I managed to get in a really deep swim and was lucky as thought the swim would have been taken. I set my gear up ready for the midnight kickoff and had all my gear ready by 11:45pm. I saw a head torch in the distance. I assumed this was Chris so said "alright mate"?  I was greeted with the reply "no I am f***in* not". I knew straight away it was not Chris by the Mancunian accent. The guy had turned up just before midnight thinking he was going to drop straight in the swim without even putting any bait bucket or tackle down to let people know the swim was taken. To cut a long story short we had a bit of argy bargy with him leaving not a happy bunny. I have always said first come first served. There was no tackle in the swim when I arrived and no one there so to me the swim was free for me to fish it. My watch showed midnight and that first cast of anticipation was magical. I had a few knocks and had a really powerful take around 4am in the morning. The result was a mint condition 4LB chub. Not a bad start to the season.  I did not have any other fish after this but Chris stayed a bit later than 9am and managed to bag a few chub also up to the 4LB mark. Good start to the season.

Wensum Trip 19-2-12

Posted on 21st February, 2012

I visited the River Wensum on Sunday morning arriving around 7am. The temperatue was showing as 0.5 degrees C so very cold. I only fished for two hours and had one little knock. The river looked quite low and was coming through quite fast so when fishing the middle section I was getting weeded up quite a bit. The marginal shelves were better and not getting me weeded up as much but still managed to not catch anything.


This will have to go down as a blank due to conditions. I was fishing pellet and boilies. I think the best tactics at the moment would be to scale down to a light quiver tip and use bunches of maggots or worms on a smaller hook say a size 14. Yes you may get a few smaller fish but you still have a chance of a big one. I was using my Avon tip with the pellet approach which on reflection I feel was a bit wrong considering conditions.


I only fished for around an hour and a half to 2 hours but still had fun and enjoyed myself and saw quite a few barn owls on the hunt for mice. Sometimes it's nice to just be there and wetting a line.


As the river season is closing in the next few weeks I am going to try and get out again a few times before it closes.


Will let you know how I get on.



Currently Saving Up For Some New Bits

Posted on 13th December, 2011



I am currently saving some money for xmas and have not been able to go fishing due to car problems this month. I was lucky as it could have been a head gasket problem but has been found to be a oil cooler problem so should be getting my car back soon. I have been looking at some new rods and bite alarms as sold some of my carp gear in the summer. The plan is to get some new bits then give Catch 22 another go near end part of January as I am after a 30LB common. Will probably concentrate on Catch 22 a lot more during the new year until I get what I am after. Will keep you all updated on my progress.




Wensum Trip 20-11-11

Posted on 20th November, 2011

I visited the River Wensum today as planned. My son Leon could not make it as he was going out with my wife. I arrived around 6am and it was very foggy. The river was a bit more coloured than normal and I thought I may have a good day. I set up in a deep swim which I haven't fished for quite a while. The plan was to have my Greys Prodigy rod with centrepin set up for the Barbel and chub using pellet and my Wychwood Rogue barbel rod set up with a baitrunner for the perch. I planned to alternate between the two rods every hour. I had been set up for about 20 minutes with the centrepin out when I had a bit of a knock on the rod tip. Too quick for me to strike at. There was quite a bit of weed coming down the river which was a bit annoying at times. After about half an hour of arriving I noticed another angler had set up in the swim to my right. I popped up to say hello and he introduced himself as Ed. I watched as he reeled in a few dace. He was fishing maggot on size 14 hook and was having some success when we noticed a pike following one of his hooked dace in. Suddenly the pike grabbed the dace and the fight was on for about 30 seconds before the pike bit through the line. The pike was a definate double figure fish. Just then Ed's mate arrived named Ian and we had a chat about the conditions and it turns out, both Ed and Ian were from Epsom in Surrey and were down for the whole weekend. They had fished the stretch also on Saturday and had lots of fish, mainly Dace and Perch but nothing majorly big.  Ed set up again but this time using a trace and a small spinner.  After casting around for about 5 minutes he had another pike on which this time did not get away. Only a jack pike of around 5 pounds. Ed was made up as it was his first ever pike. I helped with the unhooking and mr pike went back to fight another day. I was kept pretty busy during the early morning by two persistant swans who decided to investigate everytime one of my leads was cast in or even if I stood up. Whilst this was going on my angling buddy Chris Roberts arrived. He had planned to drop into the swim next to me but no sooner had he cast out his swimfeeder with breadcrumb the swans were after it and actually managed to pick up his feeder off the bottom.  Chris moved about six swim down river and managed to catch two 4Lb chub within half an hour of arriving. Lucky sod. I carried on fishing my swim but just had a few knocks here and there no real proper takes. Around mid day I moved right to the bottom of the beat to fish under a bridge. I cast out my perch rod with the baitrunner on and first cast had a 1LB perch on 5 red maggots. Mint condition little fish and it put up not a bad scrap for a small fella. During early afternoon I had a few knocks here and there. About 3pm two guys came up for a chat and stayed for around 15 minutes. During this period I had the centrepin cast out under the bridge. We had general banter about what type of fish are in the Wensum and where to fish when my centrepin sprung into life. Line was being ripped from the spool pretty quickly whilst the clutch of the reel was singing. I grabbed the rod and struck and the rod arched beautifully. I was really hoping this was going to be a barbel by the way the fish tore off. As I tried to make out what fish was on a not bad sized chub appeared out of the dark water. I thought it would probably go around 3LB. Once I got him in the net he was a bit bigger than I first presumed as he was a bit thicker set. The chub was probably more near 4LB. See pic below.



Not a monster but welcome all the same.


Chris did not have any more after those first two chub. I had a few knocks later in the day but nothing really worth trying to strike at.


The day was not bad. I met Ed and Ian and had some good fishing banter, had a few nice cups of tea and not a bad chub and perch. Next trip is currently being planned. I may try another different stretch of the Wensum or maybe even different venue.


Will keep you all posted.




Wensum Trip Planned For Sunday 20-11-11

Posted on 18th November, 2011

I am planning to revisit the River Wensum on Sunday 20-11-11 with my angling buddy Chris Roberts also my son Leon will hopefully be coming along.


Will keep you updated on our return