Welcome to my new website. I will be updating this site as and when time allows.  


I admit I am absoulutely fishing mad and been doing it for years and love it with a passion.


I have always wanted to give something back to the angling world and hopefully this is my chance. You are not here by fluke or by error. You are here because you typed in those two magical words. Specimen angler.


Everything written on this site is my own opinions and ideas derived from my own  personal knowledge and experiences. Everyone has got their own opinions and ideas and I would like to share some of mine with you.


What I am hoping to do is let you in to a piece of my world and hopefully help you catch some of those elusive specimen fish. Even if you catch a few extra fish by trying a new approach or from an idea you have read on my site, then my effort in putting this site together has been all the more worth while. 


Make It Happen